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We work hard to deliver the best in services and quality products to make you, the customer, the happiest customer on earth.New World Auto Glass Tampa is located in Tampa, FL across from Net Park and a half mile from the Hard Rock Casino. We service people from and out of Tampa. The best thing about New World Auto Glass is that we have a lifetime warranty on all windshields and glass. Our product quality is backed by the lifetime warranty, insuring the safest possible ride for you and your family.

Windshield Chips and Small Cracks, Fix or Replace?

Windshield Chips and Small Cracks, Fix or Replace?cracked windshield repair tampa

Windshields can be repaired pretty easily these days as long as the damage isn’t too severe. Most chips and small cracks can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacement — and a bump in the road can turn a tiny chip into a huge crack.

Replacement is even easier, too, with mobile windshield replacement trucks that will come right to your driveway and swap in a brand new windshield in no time. Fix small windshield cracks and chips quickly before they spread and require replacement, and do your homework when choosing a Tampa auto glass company to help you save on costs.

Comprehensive insurance coverage covers damage to your car other than that caused by collision, including theft, vandalism, impact with animals or birds, explosion, flood, falling objects, windstorm and windshield glass breakage.

You can learn more about what your car insurance covers and Florida’s windshield law here.

Get a quote here.  Your repair may even be FREE!

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