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We work hard to deliver the best in services and quality products to make you, the customer, the happiest customer on earth.New World Auto Glass Tampa is located in Tampa, FL across from Net Park and a half mile from the Hard Rock Casino. We service people from and out of Tampa. The best thing about New World Auto Glass is that we have a lifetime warranty on all windshields and glass. Our product quality is backed by the lifetime warranty, insuring the safest possible ride for you and your family.

Do I Have To Pay My Deductible If I File Claim For a Broken Windshield?

Cracked or Broken Windshield?

Florida is one of the States that has a Broken Windshield Law:

If you have comprehensive insurance coverage in the State of Florida and a glass company tells you-you have to pay them or pay a deductible to replace your windshield, hang up the phone…it’s a scam!

Florida Car insurance law:  Specifically Florida Statute 627.7288  States: “Comprehensive coverage; deductible DOES NOT apply to motor vehicle glass” under the title Insurance Companies Auto Glass“Insurance Rates and Contracts,” it states that the deductible provision “shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle.”

So what does this mean? Customers who have Comprehensive Coverage in the state of Florida ARE NOT liable to pay any deductible amount in order to pay for services to repair damages to their vehicle’s windshield.  There’s no out of pocket expenses and your windshield replacement is FREE!

This only applies to windshields. Other glass, such as door glass, or side windows does not fall under this statue.

Here’s a list of auto insurance companies New World Auto Glass in Tampa works with.

Take advantage of  the benefits of your car insurance and schedule an appointment to repair your windshield today.


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