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We work hard to deliver the best in services and quality products to make you, the customer, the happiest customer on earth.New World Auto Glass Tampa is located in Tampa, FL across from Net Park and a half mile from the Hard Rock Casino. We service people from and out of Tampa. The best thing about New World Auto Glass is that we have a lifetime warranty on all windshields and glass. Our product quality is backed by the lifetime warranty, insuring the safest possible ride for you and your family.

What Happens When Your Head Goes Through A Windshield

What Happens When Your Head Goes Through A Windshield

Ever wonder what would happen if you get into a car accident and you are not wearing your seat belt? This woman’s head is lodged in her windshield and she amazingly survived the crash! Notice how her windshield is still intact? That’s because windshields are made to withstand impact and not completely shatter.

Although this car is not safe to drive, you may be able to still drive your car with a small chip or cracked windshield.



Have a cracked or broken windshield? Contact New World Auto Glass of Tampa today! If you have full coverage insurance your windshield repair is FREE!

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