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Is it dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield?

Is it dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield?

Is it dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield?

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We went on a short weekend drive and during the trip the windshield on my 1999 Suburban cracked – weird crack, about 3″ horizontal, then a 3-4″ vertical crack. I scheduled to have it replaced but they can’t do it before next Monday and we’re supposed to drive downstate later this week.

Is it safe to drive this vehicle or should we drive the other one?

Yes, it’s safe.
Windshields are made of laminated sheets of glass and plastic. (This is why you can’t feel it on the inside.The crack is in the outermost layer.) The plastic keeps the glass from falling apart when cracked. The crack may expand, but it should be no big deal.

How likely is a cracked windshield to fail and shatter?

It is safe providing you don’t roll the car over or a tree or similar doesn’t fall on it. The structural strength referred to only comes into play if you flip the car over (or something heavy falls on the roof) and the windscreen prevents the roof caving in and squashing you.

It is legal providing the driver has a clear and unobscured view of the road.  Car experts will confirm how big the crack has to be to fail a safety test, based on which ‘zone’ the crack is in. If it’s on the passenger side, it will be in the zone where a larger crack is allowed.

Websites will always exaggerate the worst case scenario as part of a sales pitch. It won’t blow out.

But it could become a mass of spider webbed cracks so that seeing through it would be impossible. The glass itself is a marvel of engineering. While a large bird might penetrate it, that crack you describe is not blowing the windshield out. If it stays that small, then may even repair it rather than replace the whole windshield.

If you are in Tampa, St. Pete or Clearwater and need your windshield replaced New World Auto Glass has the best prices around.

If you have full coverage insurance on your car, then replacing the windshield is FREE. You won’t pay a deductible and it won’t effect your insurance premium. It’s a Florida State Law.

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